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Give your customers reason and simplicity to choose you, and be the top most choice among them. Wondering what you should do? Well, join Apnaslot now!


Why Apnaslot?


Be In Spot Light

Apnaslot helps you to advertise your library to attract more potential customers and increase your fame. Also, we will help you to promote or advertise the events you wish to organize or hold at your library. Events like book distributions and book donations, which are frequently organized by libraries, are also promoted by us.


Problem Solving

Your problem is ours to solve! Our specialized teams help and guide you through every problem you might come across with Apnaslot.


Easy Communication

We help your customers to connect to you via various communication mediums. This helps to build up flexible and fluid communication.



Managing a whole library can be pretty difficult, but with Apnaslot it is not. Track your performance, appointments, revenue you are earning and so on thru various types of Reports with just few clicks.


Let your readers know about you

As we said, Apnaslot helps you to be visible to your readers more. You can also create a good reputation by sharing the customer reviews through us. This way, you are not only creating goodwill but also you are earning the trust of your future clients. Also your existing customers can also share their reviews about you.


Special deals

We provide huge discounts and special offers during various events that brings lot of benefits for the owners.

Library Owner

What We Have To Offer?

Apnaslot is a company like no other. We help our customers to book seats in the library and this concept attracts a lot of people to use our website and app. This increases the exposure of your library to the masses. This in a way helps to promote and advertise your library and allure people’s attention. Booking through Apnaslot creates a sense of ease among the customers thus increasing the inflow of customers daily. Booking through apps incurs a lot of revenue. It creates a monetary pull that, as per statistics, is proven to gradually increase with time. This helps you to collect exponentially increased profits over time. We also offer a lot of services that help to brand further. Apnaslot helps you to keep the available seats in your library updated. This helps you to convey the number of empty seats in your library to your customers.

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